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As pet ownership continues to rise, so does the trend of traveling with pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, 78% of American pet owners travel with their pets each year. Pet travel creates a significant opportunity for independent pet stores to boost sales by carrying travel-related products.

One effective way to display travel-related products is to use a high-traffic endcap with necessities such as travel carriers, feeding supplies, and calming treats/collars on display. Broader assortments can be stocked inline, with the endcap or register display serving as an awareness driver. This will appeal to not just cross-country fliers, but also to car travelers and summer hikers.


Food and Storage

Traveling can be a stressful event for pets, and changing their diet can create upset stomachs, picky eaters, and unhappy travel companions. recommend that your customers buy 2-3 days’ extra food in case of travel delays. Carrying portable food and water bowls, as well as collapsible storage containers, can also help pet owners ensure that their pets have access to fresh food and water while on the go.


Anxiety Relief

Travel can be a source of anxiety for pets, and this can be exacerbated by unfamiliar surroundings and new experiences. Consider suggesting anxiety relief items to any pet owners who are shopping for their pets’ travel needs. Your store offering should include a variety of anxiety relief items ranging from CBD and hemp treats to calming collars and pheromone diffusers for both cats and dogs. Don’t forget to suggest treats and chews as well, as these can provide entertainment and help ease stress.


Car Accessories

Car travel is one of the most popular ways that pet owners travel with their pets. Create a connection to your customers by helping to educate them on methods for safely driving with pets.. According to the American Automobile Association, over 80% of dog owners drive with their pets in the car, but only 16% use a proper safety restraint. This is a concerning stat, as even for smaller pets traveling at just 30 miles per hour, an unrestrained 10-lbs dog will exert 300 pounds of pressure in an accident, potentially injuring passengers and becoming severely injured themselves.

To address this issue, suggest crash-tested safety restraints, such as harnesses or travel carriers, for all pets traveling in a car. Carrying portable water and food bowls, as well as seat covers and pet seat belts, can also help pet owners ensure that their pets are comfortable and safe during car travel.


As more and more pet owners choose to take their furry friends on the road, there is a growing demand for travel-related pet products. By optimizing travel sales, offering a variety of products ranging from car accessories to anxiety relief items, and effectively marketing and merchandising these products, independent pet retailers can provide a valuable service to their customers and drive growth for their business.

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